Why Us

What Makes Maxis Time Unique?

Time and tide wait for none! So, why not track your time meticulously? With Maxis Time, quickly approve employee hours, or dive into dashboards and reports that make it easy to capture productive hours.

Custom Integrations

Get your best work done by integrating Maxis Time with the tools you already use. Extend the seamless features of Maxis Time with bespoke integrations.

Uplift Workplace Productivity

Flexible timesheet tool to manage time holistically, monitor performance, track time and gain real-time reports.

Teamwork Visibility

Collaborate efficiently with your team by visualizing your team’s day-to -day workflow.

Billable Hours Calculation

Track the time spent on client activities and separate billable and non-billable hours effortlessly.

Why Maxis Time?

A Real-Time Window For
Time Management

Highly Cost Effective

An exponential cost-effective timesheet management tool that improves profits and increases efficiency.

Alluring Dashboard

Analyze work operations, track performances, identify bottlenecks & opportunities, and plan for the future with real-time dashboards.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Track real-time reports, tasks, events, and more in a unified, up-to-date dashboard, and leverage data-driven decisions

Absolute Transparency

Get a detailed overview of your team’s planned and completed activities and easily track individual work management in real-time.

Jira Integration

Systematically manage workflows and assign tasks to team members with best-in-class Jira Integration


Relish The Top-Notch
Maxis Time Features

User-Friendly Access

Comfortably enter your daily work inputs and time spent on each task to experience collaborative teamwork.

Seamless Time Tracking

Measure your team’s productivity, get a record of the worked hours, and be abreast of ongoing & completed projects.

Flexible Reports And Analytics

Monitor your team members’ weekly and monthly tasks with our easy-to-access reports feature.

Day To Day Task Tracking

Manage and track your team’s day-to-day tasks and productivity efficiently with timesheets and a built-in time tracker.

Custom Integrations

Integrate Maxis Time with your favorite payrolls & calendar applications and supercharge your workflow.

Why Maxis CRM


Follow your leads from click to conversion.

Lead Management

Capture Leads, Qualify Contacts, Engage with them as Customers, and give service agents that extra nudge to decide what move to make next.

Appointment Scheduling

Organize customer appointments, manage your time, and schedule your client visits with the help of Google Calendar Integration.

Task Assignment

Create Tasks and your sales representatives will get them done. Examine the task progress and close maximum deals.

Deal Management

Manage pipelines and interact with prospects from the first contact to the final purchase and continually monitor the customer journey.

Yes! We Integrate With Tools You Already Use!

Connect your best-loved tools and run everything in one place with Maxis Time

Get Started With Jira Integrations

Smoothly manage your team and projects with Maxis Time’s inbuild Jira Integration feature. Easily assign tasks from Jira to Maxis Time and keep your focus on accurate time tracking.

Build The Best Productive Team
With Maxis Time!